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Every Citizen Loses In Government Corruption


Chris Christie is ripped for his disloyalty

After reading this story, please learn below how Chris Christie shows his unbroken loyalty to one of his  corrupt political friends.  He is a disgrace to honorable politicians, if there are some still left in America


When it comes to government corruption, every citizen loses.

Government corruption, which is quite obvious in this case, is the vilest form of governmental abuse of power. As a retired police officer, this case violates every tenet that I placed my life on the line for every day, in order to uphold our constitution. Shame on New Jersey. Your state government's reputation precedes you, and this case confirms why.      Thomas Rossi

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To Protect One Of Their Own, Supreme Court Obstructs Justice

Read the open and desperate details at:


 State Supreme Court Attorney Resigns After PTSD Disabled Vet Accuses Him Of Perjury

Modern Day David vs Goliath:
Mocked in court documents for his PTSD disability, a decorated, combat veteran turns around and accuses a state ethics attorney of perjury. Soon after, the corrupt official resigns his state Supreme Court commission.  Not wanting to be disgraced, state politicians, state officials and court officials circle their wagons to protect the reputation of their corrupt state attorney, protect the reputation of his corrupt law firm and protect the reputation of their court systems. 


 Statute of limitations issue is bogus here…  Fraud has no limitation in federal court, and Statute of limitations runs from the time the fraud is found…   It is an act to deceive, an act of fraud, an act to manipulate due process...

Please press the above link to sign the petition to Chris Christie asking him to call for an investigation on this.   Details are below.  Currently, we are nearing 17,000 petition signers.

No one, who fights for his country, should have to fight for his Due Process as a PLAINTIFF against corrupt lawyers and corrupt state officials, who protect them from justice.


 A state Supreme Court attorney ethics official Robert Correale misuses his government and court office to Cover-Up and block ethics violations and legal malpractice charges against his own law firm, Maynard & Truland.  After over ten years, the Cover-Up leads all the way up to the New Jersey Governor's Office, Attorney General's Office and the state's Supreme Court and Superior Court.
John "Jack" Cunningham, the former client of New Jersey Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics Robert Correale had to represent himself (PRO SE) with these charges, because there was NOT a lawyer in New Jersey who would go against New Jersey's Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics...     (That's like career-suicide.)


The definition of an attorney is a person who is appointed to act professionally on behalf of another regarding legal matters.
 Attorney Robert Correale and his law firm, Maynard & Truland, did not act on behalf of a client, in fact they worked against their client.  Besides a number of other violations, the law firm exhibited extremely poor communications throughout the entire case.  Whether they did it intentionally, due to his PTSD disability, is not known.  

Disabled combat veteran John “Jack” Cunningham brought allegations of legal malpractice charges and attorney ethics violations against the law firm Maynard and Truland, which had represented him during a court action two years previously. Jack's allegations included gross negligence, dubious billing practices, misstatements to the Court, coming to court unprepared, etc. Evidence that Jack submitted included the law firm’s own invoices, their contract, attorney certifications, court filed letters, court documents, sworn statements and federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical records, which clearly, highlighted PTSD disability exacerbation.

Robert Correale, an attorney with Maynard and Truland, represented his law firm in Jack’s legal malpractice grievance in Superior Court. At this time, Jack learned that besides Robert Correale serving as a general practice attorney for Maynard & Truland, Correale was serving as a local, New Jersey district attorney, as well of serving on the extremely influential, New Jersey Supreme Court’s Attorney Ethics committee of District X. Correale was listed on Maynard & Truland’s own website that he was the vice-chairman of this Supreme Court committee. The current director of this powerful state agency admits Correale was a member of District X, but denies Correale was vice-chairman.   

Robert Correale, James Maynard and Joe Truland had much to lose, if they were found guilty of legal malpractice, but even more important, the State of New Jersey had even more to lose.  What would be the impact locally, state-wide and nationally, if one of their members of New Jersey's Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics was found guilty of legal malpractice.  The embarrassment alone would be a tremendous disaster.

But evidence is evidence.  Against the objections of Robert Correale, Sussex County Superior Court Judge Ronald Graves determined that the evidence presented by Jack Cunningham warranted the civil case be brought to the Superior Court Law Division for pursuit of damages.

When Jack brought the case there, the Superior Court’s transcript containing Judge Graves determination was unexplainably missing. Jack’s civil case was later dismissed for lack of merit.   A later investigation by Cunningham's state senator, the Superior Court of New Jersey, which lost the transcript, could not provide an explanation as to how a court transcript from within its own courthouse had disappeared as if in a puff of smoke.  

With Robert Correale and Maynard & Truland saved in Superior Court by a missing court transcript audio, the former client still wanted to bring them to justice.  Jack brought attorney ethics allegations against the law firm, Maynard & Truland and Robert Correale to the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Ethics.  Senior staff of this extremely powerful, New Jersey Supreme Court ethics agency insisted that Robert Correale’s own attorney ethics committee must carry out the investigation against him and his law firm.  Not trained in law, Jack Cunningham still knew immediately this was a gross, Conflict of Interest.  Jack could not understand why senior officials, who were attorneys themselves, in this important New Jersey Supreme Court agency did not understand this fact of a Conflict of Interest.

After months of Jack's persistent inquiries, the Office's senior staff finally admitted to the conflict of interest and an investigation was launched by a different Supreme Court District committee from the next New Jersey county.

Correale and a second attorney from his law firm of Maynard & Truland were required to present sworn certifications. A third attorney was allowed a pass. The senior law partner of Maynard and Truland, James Maynard wrote a cover letter to accompany these documents.  The lawyers provided no attached evidence.  However, the disabled veteran provided the same evidence as he did for the Superior Court case:  Maynard & Truland's own contract, their invoices, court filed letters, court filed documents, federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical records, etc.  Jack Cunningham wanted to supply Superior Court Judge Ronald Graves's court transcript, but the audio was still missing in Sussex County Superior Court.  

Robert Correale was so desperate to clear his and his fellow lawyers' names, he openly mocked Jack Cunningham's PTSD disability in these same sworn certifications to New Jersey's Supreme Court.

During Jack’s review of the attorneys' sworn certifications, he found misleading, perjury  and vague statements throughout the sworn documents and its cover letter.   Within two weeks of Jack’s questioning the sworn certifications as being fraudulent, Robert Correale resigned his Supreme Court position, fifteen months before his term was set to expire.

However, seven months after resigning, Correale and his firm, Maynard and Truland, were cleared of all ethics allegations by the Office of Attorney Ethics. The perjury-filled sworn certifications have never been addressed despite Jack having written to four (4)           consecutive New Jersey Governors, Attorney Generals, and multiple Supreme Court and Superior Court judges requesting an investigation.   New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a friend of the Maynard & Truland attorneys having served together in the same New Jersey town.  After years of him being governor, Christie's staff still plays dumb about this request for an investigation.

All attempts by Jack to bring state and federal criminal charges against Robert Correale, the firm Maynard & Truland and those in state government who are shielding them, have failed.

Now the State of New Jersey states that the statute of limitations is in play, but Jack Cunningham will not give up.  He learned that since there is government fraud involved, there is NO statute of limitations.

He still wants to bring Maynard & Truland, Robert Correale and all those state government officials, who have protected them, to justice.  


When it comes to government corruption, every citizen loses.

Government corruption, which is quite obvious in this case, is the vilest form of governmental abuse of power. As a retired police officer, this case violates every tenet that I placed my life on the line for every day, in order to uphold our constitution. Shame on New Jersey. Your state government's reputation precedes you, and this case confirms why.      Thomas Rossi

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 Vietnam vet alleges corruption, conflict of interest in New Jersey courts

He has clear evidence that this corruption starts in New Jersey's Supreme Court.  (Chris Christie still remains' silent.)



 Jack Cunningham's case is interesting, I have run into certain things in NJ courts myself…

Statute of limitations issue is bogus… fraud has no limitation in federal court, and Statute of limitations runs from the time the fraud is found… It is an act to deceive, an act of fraud, an act to manipulate due process, - sanctions should be implemented – One of many cases spell this out… Referring both to the objective and subjective elements, we have held that qualified immunity would be defeated if an official "knew or reasonably should have known that the action he took within his sphere of official responsibility would violate the constitutional rights of the [plaintiff], or if he took the action with the malicious intention to cause a deprivation of constitutional rights or other injury." Harlow et al v. Fitzgerald, 457 U.S. 800; 102 S. Ct. 2727; 73 L. Ed. 2d 396; (1982). (Emphasis added)

File a civil suit in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey (federal court) - file this Civil Complaint under U.S.C. 28 §1331, federal question, civil actions arising under the Constitution, under U.S.C. 42 §1983, a civil action for deprivation of rights, and U.S.C. 42 §1985 a civil action for Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights against all Defendant’s you can list (growing list below)… you can do it pro se and file an application to proceed indigent… all documents are on the District of New Jersey (federal court)’s web site…  

State courts have concurring jurisdiction over this type of civil suit, it can be filed in state court BUT Federal Courts are more easygoing with Pro Se writings, minor errors in format and rules etc… And if a state attorney represented anyone, the challenge here would be if he was authorized to do so… i.e. an application filed for their service, defendant within the scope of employment… etc… if not.. it was fraud…

Check out the principles of the Noerr-Pennington Doctrine… first Amendment Rights… you may have further elements to build your case…

Void Judgments, move to vacate previous judgments for harmful errors, constitutional violations, fraud… etc… all forms and docs you need are on the court web sites.


Help bring this to Justice.  

More details at:



Would be Defendants (Adding to this list)
Jane Schmidt, CSR
John McGill, III, Esq.

Joe B. Truland, Jr., Esq.

James H. Maynard, Esq.

Edward P. Busichio, Esq.

Brian W. Banasiak, Esq.

Robert D. Correale, Esq.

Bonnie C.  Frost, Esq. 

Robert L. Stober, Esq.

Janet BrownLee Miller, Statewide Coordinator 

David E. Johnson, Jr., Esq. 

Regina M. Garb
Timothy L. Barnes, Esq. 
William A. Krais, Esq. 
M. Sheilah O'Halloran


 Chris Christie sits on his own Veteran scandal, hoping it blows away.   Press HERE for details