Corruption Cover-Up At Highest Levels Of State Government

Chris Christie's Corrupt Friends

Chris Christie's Corrupt Friends
Letter to Governor James McGreevey, His Attorney General And The Director Of NJ Attorney Ethics
Corruption, Cover-up and Conflict of Interest within New Jerseys Supreme Court
Corrupt Law Firm Still Being Protected By State Government After 8 Years
Congressman Jim Saxton's staff placed a call to my Congressman Scott Garrett's office
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Chris Christie's Corrupt Friends

Please press the above link to sign the petition to Chris Christie asking him to call for an investigation on this.   Details are below.  Currently, we are nearing 9,000 signers.                                  
No one, who fights for his country, should have to fight for his Due Process as a PLAINTIFF against corrupt lawyers and corrupt state officials, who protect them from justice.    

 A state Supreme Court attorney ethics official Robert Correale misuses his government and court office to Cover-Up and block ethics violations and legal malpractice charges against his own law firm, Maynard & Truland.  After over ten years, the Cover-Up leads all the way up to the New Jersey Governor's Office, Attorney General's Office and the state's Supreme Court and Superior Court.  

John "Jack" Cunningham, the former client of New Jersey Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics Robert Correale had to represent himself (PRO SE) with these charges, because there was NOT a lawyer in New Jersey who would go against New Jersey's Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics...     (That's like career-suicide.)                               

The definition of an attorney is a person who is appointed to act professionally on behalf of another regarding legal matters. 

 Attorney Robert Correale and his law firm, Maynard & Truland, did not act on behalf of a client, in fact they worked against their client.  Besides a number of other violations, the law firm exhibited extremely poor communications throughout the entire case.  Whether they did it intentionally, due to his PTSD disability, is not known.   

Disabled combat veteran John “Jack” Cunningham brought allegations of legal malpractice charges and attorney ethics violations against the law firm Maynard and Truland, which had represented him during a court action two years previously. Jack's allegations included gross negligence, dubious billing practices, misstatements to the Court, coming to court unprepared, etc. Evidence that Jack submitted included the law firm’s own invoices, their contract, attorney certifications, court filed letters, documents, and sworn statements. 

 Robert Correale, an attorney with Maynard and Truland, represented his law firm in Jack’s legal malpractice grievance in Superior Court. At this time, Jack learned that besides Robert Correale serving as a general practice attorney for Maynard & Truland, Correale was serving as a local, New Jersey district attorney, as well of serving on the extremely influential, New Jersey Supreme Court’s Attorney Ethics committee of District X. Correale was listed on Maynard & Truland’s own website that he was the vice-chairman of this Supreme Court committee. The current director of this powerful state agency admits Correale was a member of District X, but denies Correale was vice-chairman.   

Robert Correale, James Maynard and Joe Truland had much to lose, if they were found guilty of legal malpractice, but even more important, the State of New Jersey had even more to lose.  What would be the impact locally, state-wide and nationally, if one of their members of New Jersey's Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics was found guilty of legal malpractice.  The embarrassment alone would be a tremendous disaster. 

But evidence is evidence.  Against the objections of Robert Correale, Sussex County Superior Court Judge Ronald Graves determined that the evidence presented by Jack Cunningham warranted the civil case be brought to the Superior Court Law Division for pursuit of damages.  

When Jack brought the case there, the Superior Court’s transcript containing Judge Graves determination was unexplainably missing. Jack’s civil case was later dismissed for lack of merit.   A later investigation by Cunningham's state senator, the Superior Court of New Jersey, which lost the transcript, could not provide an explanation as to how a court transcript from within its own courthouse had disappeared as if in a puff of smoke.    

With Robert Correale and Maynard & Truland saved in Superior Court by a missing court transcript audio, the former client still wanted to bring them to justice.  Jack brought attorney ethics allegations against the law firm, Maynard & Truland and Robert Correale to the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Ethics.  Senior staff of this extremely powerful, New Jersey Supreme Court ethics agency insisted that Robert Correale’s own attorney ethics committee must carry out the investigation against him and his law firm.  Not trained in law, Jack Cunningham still knew immediately this was a gross, Conflict of Interest.  Jack could not understand why senior officials, who were attorneys themselves, in this important New Jersey Supreme Court agency did not understand this fact of a Conflict of Interest. 

After months of Jack's persistent inquiries, the Office's senior staff finally admitted to the conflict of interest and an investigation was launched by a different Supreme Court District committee from the next New Jersey county.  

Correale and a second attorney from his law firm of Maynard & Truland were required to present sworn certifications. A third attorney was allowed a pass. The senior law partner of Maynard and Truland wrote a cover letter to accompany these documents.  The lawyers provided no attached evidence.  However, the disabled veteran provided the same evidence as he did for the Superior Court case:  Maynard & Truland's contact, their invoices, court filed letters, court filed documents, etc.

Robert Correale was so desperate to clear his and his fellow lawyers' names, he openly mocked Jack Cunningham's PTSD disability in these same sworn certifications to New Jersey's Supreme Court. 

During Jack’s review of the attorneys' sworn certifications, he found misleading, perjury  and vague statements throughout the sworn documents and its cover letter.   Within two weeks of Jack’s questioning the sworn certifications as being fraudulent, Robert Correale resigned his Supreme Court position, fifteen months before his term was set to expire.  

However, seven months after resigning, Correale and his firm, Maynard and Truland, were cleared of all ethics allegations by the Office of Attorney Ethics. The perjury-filled sworn certifications have never been addressed despite Jack having written to four (4)           consecutive New Jersey Governors, Attorney Generals, and multiple Supreme Court and Superior Court judges requesting an investigation.   New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a friend of the Maynard & Truland attorneys having served together in the same New Jersey town.  After years of him being governor, Christie's staff still plays dumb about this request for an investigation.

All attempts by Jack to bring state and federal criminal charges against Robert Correale, the firm Maynard & Truland and those in state government who are shielding them, have failed.  

Now the State of New Jersey states that the statute of limitations is in play, but Jack Cunningham will not give up.  He learned that since there is government fraud involved, there is NO statute of limitations. 

He still wants to bring Maynard & Truland, Robert Correale and all those state government officials, who have protected them, to justice.  


New Jersey Legislature                                  December 4, 2008

Legislature Offices

24th District


Honorable Senator Steven V. Oroho                                                  

Honorable Assemblywoman Alison Littell-McHose

Honorable Assemblyman Gary R. Chiusano


C:  Honorable Congressman Scott Garrett

      Governor Jon Corzine

      New Jersey Office of Attorney General

     Americans Working Together


Dear Senator Oroho and Assemblywoman Littell-McHose:


         Thank you very much for your return letter (below) regarding my charges of corruption, Cover-Up and a Conflict of Interest within the New Jersey Governor’s Office, NJ Attorney General’s Office and New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics.   My family, my supporters and I greatly appreciate your interest.


      Please beware that during this eight year battle of trying to get my Due Process from the State of New Jersey, my letters have been sent to no avail to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office dating back to January 2003.  (Please see Ms. Regina Garb’s letter from Feb. 18, 2003)

     The only procedure the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office (Ms. Regina M. Garb) follows is to forward my letters to the heart of the Cover-Up, back into the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics.   There they play their usual Cover-Up games by insisting that I deal solely with Vice-Chairman Robert Correale’s own former District X committee.   (If it was not for being a major Conflict of Interest, this would be a disgraceful JOKE.   If my charges were against a local state police captain would the New Jersey Government procedure be for the sergeant and patrolmen working under the captain do the investigation.  Of course not…) 


The reason why this has been going on for eight years is because the State of New Jersey follows these same Cover-Up procedures.  


My question to the State of New Jersey Legislature is what is going to be different this time around?   Will my clear evidence be reviewed by an interested New Jersey Government agency, or will this be just another waste of stamps and continued exacerbation of my PTSD disability?


I have another question that I would like to ask you directly.  What part of the State of New Jersey Government will be investigating, how a Superior Court transcript could be lost within Superior Court, before it could be typed for use in the Law Division?  Evidence and details at:


Also with this letter, I’m requesting a meeting with the two of you.


My family, my supporters and I are looking forward to your continued interest on these issues.


   Jack Cunningham


Are Corrupt Lawyers Above the Laws...
One disabled Vietnam vet has been battling eight years to prove,  "no."
Your "Due Process" under the law was violated.  Perjury is also an issue which should not be over-looked.
Try communicating with the US Attorney and/or FBI.
Having been a pretty good "street cop" for 35 years this December, I read carefully what you sent me.
If I was involved with this case and having the documentation that you and the courts have, I believe that I would approach a mid-ranking Officer in the police service in your area and inquire about "perjury" investigations.
After spending 28 years in law enforcement, I've never seen such screw ups in my life.   Sounds like these lawyers had something going with friends in high New Jersey government places.
Theft of your constitutional rights and due process under the law, by deception.

November 14, 2008
Congressman Scott Garrett, New Jersey's 5th Congressional District           
Cc: Honorable Governor Jon Corzine
       Honorable Senator Steven V. Oroho
       Honorable Alison Littell McHose
       Americans Working Together

Dear Tatiana Marquis, District Director,

As per the conversation you had with my wife Joan, please find the following information pertaining to my eight year struggle to initiate an investigation of my charges of corruption,  cover-up and a Conflict of Interest within the New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics and the NJ Attorney General's office.  Eight years of battling for Due Process is much to demand from an honorably disabled PTSD veteran.

Simply stated, I am requesting Governor Jon Corzine to look into (and answer my letters) how the state’s Office of Attorney Ethics allowed Vice-Chairman Robert Correale to use his influence as a high level member to block Legal Malpractice and Attorney Ethics charges from Correale and his law Firm, Maynard & Truland.

After a deluge of my letters in 2003, the Office of Attorney Ethics had their nearby committee, District XI do a perjury-filled, malfeasance, lame investigation; where Robert Correale and his former law firm, Maynard & Truland were cleared of all charges. Correale and his law firm’s lawyers supplied no supporting evidence with their sworn certifications. However, I supplied Maynard & Truland’s own contract and invoices, along with Superior Court Documents, court-filed letters, etc.

Over the years, Governor Jon Corzine has received, at least, seven U.S. mail letters (of which three were certified) and over twenty emails on this subject. All contained attached evidence. However, the Governor's office has NOT returned any communication. Additionally, Corzine's aid Susan does not return my phone calls, and her staff refuses to give me her last name.   Governor Corzine’s lack of return communications only adds to this New Jersey State Government Cover-up.

At this point, I do not wish to burden you with additional details, of which there are plenty. I simply ask that you communicate to the Governor my request for an investigation.   (You can read evidence directly on the internet at the below listed web links.)
Due to being diagnosed and rated 100% disabled as a combat Marine, I suffer memory loss and request a copy of all communications with Corzine's office.
As per your request, I have copied my New Jersey State Legislative representatives in the hope they will do their own follow-up with Governor Jon Corzine.

Jack "John" Cunningham


Today, just like Jack Cunningham can not surrender to a bunch of corrupt lawyers and corrupt government officials, who have been protecting them for eight years, Jack could not surrender, when he served (24/7) in the Duc Duc Refugee village with eight other Marines.    
Read some of Jack's experiences at:

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