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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Together We Can Take It Back
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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
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The below letter was emailed, faxed and sent snail mail (return receipt) to Governor Chris Christie.

August 19, 2011
Dear New Jersey Governor Honorable Chris Christie
My requests to investigate ethics complaints and a Cover-up against New Jersey’s Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics, their former member Robert Correale and his Maynard & Truland Law Firm, have been a major sore spot for more than 11 years.  The runarounds and buck passing has been endless.
I want to thank you for your July 27, 2011 attached letter.  Although, I’ve been writing about this same Fraud complaint since 2003, your letter is the first response that I received from a New Jersey governor, since Gov. James McGreevey.  While he was in office, Gov. McGreevey was keeping an active file on this New Jersey Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics Cover-Up. 
For reasons not communicated to me, in spite of a major Conflict of Interest, Gov. McGreevey attempted to have the NJ Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Ethics handle these allegations themselves.   For a period of time, Robert Correale’s own district committee was assigned his investigation.  What made this even stranger was the fact that Maynard & Truland’s own website listed Robert Correale as the Vice-Chairman of this same committee.  To this day, the Office of Attorney Ethics denies that Correale was ever a vice-Chairman.  However, I still have a copy of the Maynard & Truland webpage that states Robert Correale as Vice-Chairman.
Whether Correale was vice-Chairman or just a member of this extremely influential office, in the end, shortly after being accused of perjury, Robert Correale quietly resigned from his high level Supreme Court position.  He also resigned from his law firm, Maynard & Truland.    However, Robert still retained his assistant District Attorney position in Vernon, New Jersey.  Months later, Correale and Maynard & Truland were cleared of all attorney ethics charges.  
I brought a civil case of legal malpractice into New Jersey Superior Court against Robert Correale and Maynard and Truland. My evidence included the law firm’s invoices, contract, attorney certifications, letters, documents, Federal Department of Veterans Affairs medical records and sworn statements.  Sussex County Superior Court Judge Ronald Graves determined that the evidence presented by me warranted that the civil case be brought to the Superior Court Law Division for pursuit of damages. When I brought the case to life, the Superior Court’s transcript containing Judge Graves’ determination was unexplainably missing. No one could supply a reasonable explanation for Judge Graves missing official determination.  My civil case was later dismissed for lack of merit.
Currently, there are no active court cases in the State of New Jersey for my fraud charges.  However, your request for an investigation by the acting director of the Administration of the New Jersey Courts is a duplicate.  Back on March 8, 2006 (see attached), this same request was generated by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office and I’m still waiting for that office’s first response.
I know there is no Statute of Limitations involved with my charges, because there is Fraud involved.  Currently, I am preparing these charges for federal court.  Waiting eleven (11) years for the State of New Jersey to act on this is much too long.  This has been an act to deceive, an act of fraud and an act to manipulate the due process of a disabled, PTSD military war veteran.  I strongly believe that a number of New Jersey state officials knew or reasonably should have known that their actions and/or lack of actions maliciously denied me of my constitutional rights.
I will hold off bringing this to federal court for a reasonable amount of time, in the hope that the State of New Jersey finally and properly handles these charges.  Thanks again for your response.
       Sincerely yours,
   John “Jack” Cunningham
My original letter to you can be found on the internet at:     

Please press the letter for a larger copy to read
Please press the letter for a larger copy to read
Please press the letter for a larger copy to read

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