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Open Letter to Governor Chris Christie

Together We Can Take It Back
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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
Open Letter to Governor Chris Christie
Disabled Vet Battles Corrupt Law Firm: Evidence Firms Contact, Invoices, Supreme Count Documents


November 12, 2010

Honorable New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Dear Governor Christie,

For the last seven years, I have been trying to get the State of New Jersey to formally investigate my allegations of a cover-up within the New Jersey Supreme and Superior Court systems.   I’m also requesting investigations in how the New Jersey Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics handles Conflicts of Interest, and how easy, it is for attorneys associated with this same office to use their state-wide influence within NJ court systems.  I’m especially interested in learning how and why, for the past six years, the New Jersey governor’s office has refused to respond to my past registered letters on this subject.

At the center of my allegations is Robert Correale, Esq., a former attorney for Morristown’s law firm of Maynard & Truland and a former official for New Jersey Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics.    Robert Correale was listed on Maynard & Truland’s own website that he was the Vice-Chairman of the District X Supreme Court committee. The current director of this Supreme Court state agency admits Correale was a member of the district committee, but denies Correale was vice-chairman.  I still have a copy of Maynard & Truland’s webpage, where it states Correale as the Vice-Chairman of District X.

I brought allegations of legal malpractice charges and attorney ethics violations against Correale and his law firm Maynard and Truland, who had represented me during a court action years ago. I have alleged gross negligence, dubious billing practices and misstatements to the Court. My evidence included the law firm’s invoices, contract, attorney certifications, letters, documents and sworn statements.  Robert Correale represented his law firm in my legal malpractice grievance in Sussex County Superior Court.  (At the time, Robert was listed on his firm’s website that he was the Vice-Chairman of the local Supreme Court Attorney Ethics committee.)

Against the objections of Correale, Sussex County Superior Court Judge Ronald Graves determined that the evidence presented by me warranted that the civil case be brought to the Superior Court Law Division for pursuit of damages. When I brought the case to life, the Superior Court’s transcript containing Judge Graves determination was unexplainably missing. My civil case was later dismissed for lack of merit.

Recently, State Senator Steven Oroho’s staff conducted an investigation and the Sussex County Superior Court of New Jersey, which lost the transcript, could not provide an explanation as to how a court transcript from within its own courthouse had disappeared.

When I brought attorney ethics allegations to the director of the Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Ethics, his senior staff insisted that Correale’s own District X committee carry out the investigation against him and his law firm.

After months of persistent inquiries and my allegations of a cover-up, the Supreme Court Office’s senior staff finally admitted to a conflict of interest and an investigation was launched by a different Supreme Court District committee.

Correale and another attorney from the firm were required to present sworn certifications. A third attorney was allowed a pass. The senior law partner of Maynard and Truland wrote a cover letter to accompany these documents. My review found extremely misleading and vague statements throughout the documents and its cover letter.

Within two weeks of my questioning the sworn certifications, Correale resigned his Supreme Court position, fifteen months before his term was set to expire. However, seven months after resigning Correale and his firm, Maynard and Truland, were cleared of all ethics allegations by the Office of Attorney Ethics.  My questions about the possible perjury in the sworn Supreme Court certifications and the missing Superior Court transcript have never been addressed despite my having written to Governors Jim McGreevey, Richard Cody, Jon Corzine and their Attorney Generals.

All attempts by me to bring state and federal charges against Robert Correale, the firm Maynard & Truland and those in state government, who have protected them, have failed. Now the State of New Jersey states that the statute of limitations is in play.

Robert Correale, the involved Maynard & Truland attorneys and those New Jersey officials who have protected them should not get a free pass to stay out of jail. 

I have a great deal of evidence right on the internet for your investigators to review.  I’m asking as an honorable PTSD disabled veteran to please answer this letter in writing.


John “Jack” Cunningham


You can read most of these same details on at:


Below is a recent response to the details.  The response did not come from someone in New Jersey State government.  If Gov. Christie's review drags out or turns lame, the next step is to bring these charges to federal court. 

Your case is interesting, I have run into certain things in NJ courts myself… Statute of limitations issue is bogus… fraud has no limitation in federal court, and Statute of limitations runs from the time the fraud is found… It is an act to deceive, an act of fraud, an act to manipulate due process, - sanctions should be implemented – One of many cases spell this out…Ø  Referring both to the objective and subjective elements, we have held that qualified immunity would be defeated if an official "knew or reasonably should have known that the action he took within his sphere of official responsibility would violate the constitutional rights of the [plaintiff], or if he took the action with the malicious intention to cause a deprivation of constitutional rights or other injury."  Harlow et al v. Fitzgerald, 457 U.S. 800; 102 S. Ct. 2727; 73 L. Ed. 2d 396; (1982).                                                              (Emphasis added)File a civil suit in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey (federal court) - file this Civil Complaint under U.S.C. 28 §1331, federal question, civil actions arising under the Constitution, under U.S.C. 42 §1983, a civil action for deprivation of rights, and U.S.C. 42 §1985 a civil action for Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights against all Defendant’s you can list… you can do it pro se and file an application to proceed indigent… all documents are on the District of New Jersey (federal court)’s web site… State courts have concurring jurisdiction over this type of civil suit, it can be filed in state court BUT Federal Courts are more easygoing with Pro Se writings, minor errors in format and rules etc… And if a state attorney represented anyone, the challenge here would be if he was authorized to do so… i.e. an application filed for their service, defendant within the scope of employment… etc… if not.. it was fraud…  check out the principles of the Noerr-Pennington Doctrine… first Amendment Rights… you may have further elements to build your case… Void Judgments, move to vacate previous judgments for harmful errors, constitutional violations, fraud… etc… all forms and docs you need are on the court web sites…Bill 

1209.Thomas A. RossGovernment corruption, which is quite obvious in this case, is the vilest form of governmental abuse of power. As a retired police officer, this case violates every tenet that I placed my life on the line for every day for in order to uphold our constitution. Shame on New Jersey. Your state's reputation precedes you, and this case confirms why.


Your "Due Process" under the law was violated.  Perjury is also an issue which should not be over-looked.
Try communicating with the US Attorney and/or FBI.
Having been a pretty good "street cop" for 35 years this December, I read carefully what you sent me.
If I was involved with this case and having the documentation that you and the courts have, I believe that I would approach a mid-ranking Officer in the police service in your area and inquire about "perjury" investigations.
After spending 28 years in law enforcement, I've never seen such screw ups in my life.   Sounds like these lawyers had something going with friends in high New Jersey government places.
Theft of your constitutional rights and due process under the law, by deception. 

It is an act to deceive, an act of fraud, an act to manipulate due process, - sanctions should be implemented.

 Will Chris Christie Do What's Right

TYRANNY starts in Supreme Court. Why did the New Jersey Supreme Court attorney ethics authority insist Supreme Court Ethics Attorney Robert Correale be judged for his own ethics violations by the same ethics committee that he was Vice-Chairman of... 

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