The American's Creed - I believe in the United States of America as a Government of the people...

I believe in the United States of America
This Is How One State Repays Veterans
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Friends and Supporters of America's PTSD Veterans.
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Friends and Supporters of America's PTSD Veterans.

Friends and Supporters of America's PTSD Veterans.

Help, support, serve as advocates for America's PTSD veterans.
Many of America's PTSD veterans have problems blending back into American Society. This Facebook Cause supports all of Ameri
ca's PTSD veterans come home...

Please join and recruit to our Facebook Cause: We have over 4,500 members and supporters.

You can read some experiences of a PTSD vet at:

Decorated Combat Vet Mocked For His PTSD by Supreme Court State official (friend of Chris Christie) in sworn Supreme Court documents.

Honor or Stigma Associated with PTSD Veterans.

I found this great PTSD article on a military base. It was in a FAMILY MAGAZINE for American troops.
PTSD does not only hit our military men and women. It impacts a great number of Americans, who never left home...
Child abuse, elderly abuse, marital abuse, street crime victims (rape), etc. are some of the biggest sufferers.
Understanding PTSD is a great way from keeping it from passing down through generations.
Happening in Chris Christie's New Jersey
This Is How One State Repays Veterans

The traitor of the Republican Party
Chris Christie Protects His Corrupt Friends In Government. 

Help a disabled veteran bring justice to Chris Christie's friends.
Governor Chris Christie protects his corrupt friends in New Jersey's government as well as his corrupt New Jersey lawyer friends. Details at:

Please call (And have your family and friends call) Governor Chris Christie's office at 609-292-6000 and say,  "Jack Cunningham deserves his investigation request against Robert Correale and his former law firm, Maynard & Truland."
Please keep calling, until this disabled veteran gets his investigation.