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Taught by the American Military to never give up...


 Taught by the American Military to never give up...


Decorated Combat PTSD Veteran Wins Legal Malpractice Case Against a Supreme Court Attorney
New Jersey State Supreme Court Attorney Loses a Legal Malpractice Case Against a Disabled PTSD Veteran (PRO SE).
When the veteran went to use the court transcript as evidence in a higher level of Superior Court, the veteran is told by the court clerk that the transcript was missing.  How could a Superior Court transcript go missing?

It's not hard to believe, it extremely strange, how a court transcript went missing, where a NJ Supreme Court ethics attorney was connected to Legal Malpractice.  I've been informed it may be 'government fraud.'

When government fraud is involved in a case, there is no statute of limitations.  This is why for the last twelve years, I have been bringing this before New Jersey politicians and officials in the hope of someday getting justice.  With the 'Grace of God,' and a growing number of supporters from around the United States, I look forward to another 'real day in court.'  A day when an average citizen can bring justice to a corrupt state Supreme Court attorney, his former law firm, and a pack of corrupt government officials, who have protected them for all these years.  God bless everyone who is supporting me, and God Bless America.

Please learn more, and support us at: 

         John 'Jack' Cunningham
    An extremely proud Vietnam vet,
        Who happens to have PTSD due to my service...

 When it comes to government corruption, every citizen loses.

Government corruption, which is quite obvious in this case, is the vilest form of governmental abuse of power. As a retired police officer, this case violates every tenet that I placed my life on the line for every day, in order to uphold our constitution. Shame on New Jersey. Your state government's reputation precedes you, and this case confirms why.      Thomas Rossi

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