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Corruption, conflict of interest in courts


Vietnam vet alleges corruption, conflict of interest in New Jersey courts

June 3, 2014

Jack Cunningham, a Marine veteran who served in Vietnam, told Examiner.com Sunday he believes the New Jersey court system used his combat-related PTSD to "play games" against him in a legal battle that has gone on for years.

His problems started in 2000, when he went through a divorce, he said. Panicked and concerned the courts would use his condition against him, he retained a law firm to keep his divorce from going into default. At that time, he added, he had 21 days.

But, he added, the firm never did anything, even though he paid his retainer. Cunningham also said the firm never returned his calls and letters. They did, however, charge him at a rate some $25.00 per hour more than he had originally agreed to, according to documents he provided to Examiner.

His divorce ended up in default for four months, requiring him to write a family court judge to get the issue resolved. The judge, he said, eventually took his divorce out of default, no thanks to the legal firm that even charged him for time he spent proofreading their work.

Eventually, he said, he wrote the office of attorney ethics who told him to simply get another attorney. In the meantime, his original attorney was removed from the case, replaced by a general practitioner who also happened to serve as vice chairman of the District X Ethics Committee. This change, he added, was made without his knowledge.

The attorney, identified as Robert D. Correale, came to court unprepared to argue his case, Cunningham said. As a result, the former Marine was forced to essentially represent himself.

"I was a basket case because of the PTSD," he said. "But I got it done."

Ultimately, the judge took his divorce out of default, but Cunningham's problems were just beginning.

Two years later, the firm sued him for more than $2,000, even though, he said, they really did not get anything done. Fortunately, he kept all of the documents from the divorce, including the contract and statements he received from the firm and filed suit against the firm.

The case was assigned to arbitration, but nothing was resolved. It eventually went to court, where, he said, the lawyer representing the firm tried to get his paperwork thrown out.

The judge, he added, threw out the law firm's suit and told him the evidence he had justified the damages he was seeking and also warranted a much larger lawsuit.

But a funny thing happened a month later when Cunningham attempted to get a transcript of the hearing. While the transcript existed, the judge's remarks were mysteriously missing. He had hoped to use the transcript in formal charges against the firm, but the missing portion of the transcript effectively threw his case out the window.

He contacted a state Senator, but the judge said he had no idea how it could have happened.

He also explained the court wanted the charges brought before the ethics committee, but, he said, that would have been a conflict of interest considering Correale's position on the committee. After two months of wrangling, the court finally agreed there was a conflict of interest and moved the case to another ethics committee.

By now, he said, he was dealing directly with the state Supreme Court. Instead of making progress, he said he felt as though the court was covering for the attorneys involved. Nevertheless, he sent the information he had to the new committee, including information on the missing transcript.

Three lawyers of the firm he dealt with also had to issue certifications to the court explaining their side of the story. But, he said, the certifications they presented were false, vague and misleading.

"They lied," he told Examiner.

He responded, but said he felt as though he was back in Vietnam, facing the enemy alone.

The court cleared the firm of all charges, Cunningham said. But, he added, the decision was based on false certifications and a missing transcript.

Throughout this ordeal, Cunningham reached out to lawmakers and even the governor of New Jersey, who at the time, happened to be Jim McGreevey. McGreevey, he added, had a file on him, and said he could call the head of the attorney ethics committee. Unfortunately, they never responded to his calls and letters.

He said he also wrote former Gov. Richard Codey and later, Jon Corzine. Neither responded to his calls for help.

All this has taken a toll on Cunningham, who said the VA wanted to admit him three times for stress. He refused, saying he didn't trust the court system.

He still seeks justice, even though he says he no longer has the strength for another court battle. He also told Examiner that another attorney said he could take the issue to court. The law firm, however, is no longer in business. At one time, he said, he even approached the FBI, but the federal agency accused him of creating his own evidence.

"It's such a frustrating thing," he said. But Cunningham is determined to get justice. At times, he said, he felt like giving up, but kept fighting, believing that surrender was not an option. At other times, he said, he felt as though he was back in Vietnam, fighting the enemy all by himself.

"I'd like to see some people go to jail," he said. "I want to bring justice."

But this time, he may have some help. On Tuesday, he said he received a call from the office of Rep.Scott Garrett, R-N.J. According to Cunningham, Garrett is interested in learning more about discrimination against veterans. He has also reached out to Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif, and Republican Gov. Chris Christie. Neither Issa nor Christie, however, have responded.



 Save The Rights & Benefits Of OUR Military And Veterans 


Governor Chris Christie (presidential candidate) does NOT like to be told what to do...   One disabled veteran has been begging him for years to investigate some state corruption and cover-up.  Chris Christie refuses to even acknowledge the veteran's certified letters.


These lawyer friends of Governor Chris Christie should be disbarred for "multiple counts of egregious misconduct, especially offering false testimony in S
uperior Court documents and open court, as well as in sworn documents to the New Jersey Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics.
Support A PTSD Disabled Veteran's Petition

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If one death is going to impact a whole nation let it begin with this young man.

On this day in 1968, Pfc. James Anderson, Jr., became the first African American Marine to be awarded the Medal of Honor. Anderson was posthumously aw
arded for his heroic actions in Vietnam.

Pfc. Anderson found himself bunched together with the other members of his platoon just 20 meters from the enemy. Suddenly, an enemy grenade landed in the midst of the platoon. Anderson grabbed the grenade, pulled it to his chest and curled around it as it went off. His body absorbed the major force of the explosion saving his comrades

Semper Fidelis, Marine.
   Jack Cunningham 
 Save The Rights & Benefits Of OUR Military And Veterans 
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Please Read the story: 
Vietnam vet alleges corruption, conflict of interest in New Jersey courts

He has clear evidence that this corruption starts in New Jersey's Supreme Court.  (Chris Christie still remains' silent.)




 Read the 'new' war a CAP Marine is having today.                                   

Please read the news article about this issue at:  http://www.americans-working-together.com/take_america_back/id53.html  


 Save The Rights & Benefits Of OUR Military And Veterans 



 Who does a veteran turn to...
Vet Denied First Amendment: Right To Redress Government Grievances
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) says it is NOT their problem. The Department of Justice (DOJ) says, it is a state problem. The state... REFUSES to even acknowledge the decorated, vet's letters, phone calls and emails. So now, the veteran turns to Congress...

Chris Christie sits on his own Veteran scandal, hoping it blows away.   Press HERE for details

Jack Cunningham, 2nd from right, back row, US Marine with grenade
CAP 2-2-2
Vietnam, November 1970

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God Bless America, Kate Smith First Radio performance
Armistice Day November 10, 1938
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